I'm sort of pack rat.

This page serves as a reservoir for old projects and things that I just can't get rid of and perhaps serve some purpose keeping around. For those who are interested in the creative evolution of my work, enjoy.  

Blackstones Salon

Promotional flyers to engage customers. The Salon itself has a very vintage feel with many antiques encased in glass along the walls. Some of which have nothing to do with the act of haircutting. I wanted to translate the vintage feel with the flyers. The final prints had a UV spot varnish on the colored circles.

Self Promotion

A couple of years after I got out of grad school with a masters in advertising I never saw the usefulness of the leave behinds we were forced to make in most of our final classes in hopes of being remembered by prospective employers, namely creative directors. I had designed a few different leave behinds but none that I was overly satisfied with or eager to actually leave behind. It wasn't until after I moved to NYC and began freelancing around a few agencies that I had the idea to dig through the photo archives from lighting test shots from the numerous photo shoots I had worked on while I was living in Los Angeles. I was planning on making a series out of them but after creating two of them I thought, wow this would make a pretty funny and impressionable leave behind. So I printed a handful of prints with my resume on the back side and mailed them out to a bunch of agencies...I'm still waiting to hear back. 


If you have a spare set of 3D glasses lying around, please dawn them for the ultimate 3D experience.