Looking into the future to promote ethical investing 


A core awareness piece of CFA Institute’s mission is the annual Global Market Sentiment Survey (GMSS). The challenge was quickly communicating this powerful information while proving the immeasurable worth of the program.



Amplifying this goal, we designed the 2015 GMSS as an engaging digital and print piece, and then created a targeted digital media campaign to drive downloads, raise awareness and fortify the reputation of CFA Institute.

Communicating dense information with design 

A data-driven report, the 2015 GMSS relies heavily on visual representations. To present findings in a clear, concise way, we employed powerful branding elements, an intuitive color scheme and evocative photography to bring an air of humility to the report.


Targeting our audience in their online environments

Spreading awareness of the 2015 GMSS and CFA Institute, we launched a targeted global banner campaign highlighting the most evocative statistics, paired with thought-provoking messaging.

GMSS 2015 Report

Driving engagement and fortifying CFA Institute equity 


Utilizing careful media targeting across key markets, partner pages and major social platforms, we found and spoke to the CFA Institute audience in their native online environments.


  • 38M+ social impressions
  • 5.7M+ display impressions
  • 1M+ search-driven impressions  


Inspiring engagement with creative banner and social content highlighting data-driven intrigue and thought-provoking photography, our audience took part in the 2015 GMSS conversation.


  • 400K+ twitter engagements
  • 170K+ facebook actions


Connecting with our diverse audience, we saw significant results due to eye-catching creative combined with careful paid media targeting.


  • 28K+ page visits to the GMSS site, 17K+ of them unique visitors, leading to 1,600+ survey downloads.
  • Highlight: Bloomberg display takeover created interaction times 25% higher than benchmark averages, equaling 2K+ clicks, 1,500+ unique visitors and 200+ downloads.