Three separate experiential campaigns for MSNBC while working at Jack Morton Worldwide that included outdoor, print, interactive, digital components as well as social campaigns. The objective was to produce higher viewer ratings for each event, and as a result of the campaigns they set a record in viewer ratings beating both FOX News and CNN for coverage of the events for the first time in history.

DNC campaign

DNC Teaser Reel (no sound)

The Brief

The msnbc experience is to be a unique event created by the network for DNC delegates and fans of the network at Enso Restaurant in the Charlotte EpiCentre.

From Sept 4-6, the msnbc experience schedule will include daily “Morning Joe” and primetime viewing parties, host meet and greets and book signings, personalized souvenir button-making, a photo booth, show giveaways, refreshments, charging stations and free Wi-Fi. There will also be an interactive social media component, allowing visitors and viewers to join in the MSNBC conversation on twitter.

 msnbc launched two new tabs on the msnbc Facebook page. The conventions tab includes schedule information and photos from both the RNC and the DNC.  The button factory tab allows msnbc fans to make a personalized virtual button that will be added to the on-site button wall installation.

msnbc is also launching a twitter hash tag -  #msnbc2012 – so fans can participate in and follow convention conversation.

Convention editorial coverage can be found on the Lean Forward blog at and on the msnbc Facebook page. 

Images from the DNC


The Results

“This is the best thing to happen to me in a long time.”

“I am so happy right now, I cant believe this is all free”

“Thank you msnbc, I am a huge fan but this is something else”

“I am in Love with Chris and he signed my book.”

“I wish Rachel was here”

“I wanted to see Rachel, why didn't’t she come”

“Rachel is the one I most wanted to see”

“Everyone here has been so nice to us, thank you”

RNC Campaign

msnbc wanted to create a unique, interactive experience in Tampa for convention delegates and fans of the Morning Joe program. The purpose of the event, which was open to the public, was to thank fans for welcoming Morning Joe into their homes each morning.

The experience included:

-A viewing area to watch the live broadcast taking place at nearby Howl at the Moon

-Breakfast buffets with latte artist and coffee station

-Button making station for the creation of custom campaign-style buttons

-Photo booth with custom Morning Joe background-Additional talent button giveaways 

Event Photos

The Process

Concept & Sketches

Deliverables & Installation

The Attendee Experience

The experience opened at 6 a.m. with local by-passers invited to join and watch the broadcast of Morning Joe while enjoying coffee and breakfast in the café–a branded space with interactive activities. The booth was opened between 6 and 10 a.m., with our busiest hours between 8 and 10 a.m.

Brand ambassadors were on hand throughout opening hours welcoming guests, facilitating the button making and photo booth activities. We noticed that when the brand ambassadors helped expedite the photo taking by entering names into the system, it helped to ensure guests uploaded their photos to Facebook.

Because of the slightly out of the way location, we used our brand ambassadors to drive traffic to our experience. On day 2 and 3, our brand ambassadors approached people waiting to be part of the live audience and invited them to the Morning Joe Café providing them with raffle tickets so they did not lose their place in line.

Having the Morning Joe team film from the café was a bonus and helped increase the number of visitors to the experience.

The msnbc Experience at The Election 2012

Event Photos