Freedom Flask 

Take your booze anywhere you chooze

A friend of mine approached me and asked if I would help him brand and market a new product he had recently developed. He explained to me what it was and how it worked and the first thing I did besides laugh was think about how much fun it would be but how extremely challenging at the same time to avoid being overly explicit or NSFW. 

The Product

The benefits that the product provide the consumer with are uniquely superior to any other product in the category. Medical grade components, ergonomic design, not to mention patented design that uses gravity to funnel your booze directly into a leakproof nozzle, that is easy and convenient to access allowing for every last drop to be emptied. 

The Strategy

The first thing we needed to do was to separate the product from the category or "novelty" products. We wanted to position the brand in a way that consumers would immediately recognize the quality, credibility and pride in the company has in their product. 

"It might be more cost effective to manufacture our flasks in an offshore sweatshop, but local production using safe, medical grade components ensures that we construct a product of the highest quality and deliver true American Value."

The Concept

The creative could have been pretty straight forward, just show the product and explain to the consumer what's makes it superior. But this is where we took creative license to really have fun elevating this untouched landscape and show the consumer that there's a lot more to benefit than just being able to sneak booze in an incredibly well manufactured flask into any place and literally any event. Not just aspirational, but the inherent sexual implications that span a wide spectrum gave us a large paint brush to paint with. The most challenging thing was keeping it tasteful, at least.

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Additional Photography

that was extremely fun to shoot.